MPOB Palm Tariff Information provides tariff information for 23 selected palm products importing countries. The portal consists of Applied Rate  (Import Duty), WTO Bound Rate, Harmonised System of Tariff Classifications (HS Code and Products Description), Yearly and Monthly Export Volume (Tonnes) and Value (RM Million) of oil palm products.

The portal has also added new tariff information, i.e. on tariff reductions and/or elimination of concluded Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) between Malaysia and its selected trading partners.

The objectives of this portal is to improve timely dissemination of tariff information to industry players. The given information would facilitate industry players to monitor Applied Rate (Import Duty) and make HS Code comparison between Malaysia and that of other countries. Equipped with such information, the industry is made aware of the tariff impediments and is subsequently able to make  accurate and strategic marketing decisions. In addition, the portal will also assist KPPK to acquire the latest tariff information of the importing countries and to formulate appropriate policy strategies to effectively address such impediments.

The inclusion of Schedules of Tariff Reduction and/or Elimination under concluded FTAs would enable the industry to know the benefits that could be acquired through preferential tariff treatment as agreed upon in the respective FTAs. The reduction and/or elimination of import tariffs on palm products serves as an opening for Malaysian palm products to be exported to overseas markets, especially for value-added products.


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